The Camp Kerala Experience at Wonderfruit Festival

Camp Kerala Stars

Live Love Wonder at Asia's most exciting and powerful festival. Join CK at the Hedonistically Sustainable Wonderfruit Festival in Thailand this December.

Let the mesmeric arts, music and lifestyle festival take your breath away. The fields at Siam Country club, near Pattaya, Thailand, will again play host to the mind-blowing celebration that is Wonderfruit festival, a sell out each year. 

A cacophony of delights will be ready to make this an unforgettable weekender. 

This encapsulating event preys on the senses in many ways, primarily through music, art installations, banquets by top chefs as well as great use of the topography these beautiful fields boast. 

Of course this incredible festival offers an 'out of this world' party atmosphere! Like all our locations Wonderfruit gives the opportunity to dance like no one is watching, party around the clock and experience feelings like no other; safe in the knowledge that you can return to the sanctuary of Camp Kerala to rest up, recharge and start again.

Live. Love. Wonder.

Camp Kerala Stars


You will be staying in one of CK’s luxury Shikar tents. Each tent sleeps two people. 

All your food and drinks (excluding fine wines and vintage champagnes) will be included in this price. 

You will have two of the best tickets to the Festival. 

The CK Bar, CK Restaurant and CK Chill out area will be open throughout the day and most of the night. 

You will receive 24hr ‘tent service’ (similar to ‘room service’ but with a Kerala twist). 

Wifi and electricity will be available in each tent. 

You will have access to the CK luxury loos, showers, Spa and Pamper Room. 

You will have access to the CK Concierge Service. 

We will endeavour to help you with all your logistics. This will not be included in the price. 

Camp Kerala Stars


The dates for this wonderful Wonderfuit extravaganza are 12th-16 December 2019. The festival is situated an hour south of Bangkok. You could fly into Bangkok and be whisked down to Wonderfruit by car or by helicopter. We will be ready to scoop you up and welcome you ‘home’. 

It maybe the perfect timing for you to join us at Wonderfuit and then stay on in Asia for a glorious warm Christmas. 

Camp Kerala Stars