The Story

In 2000, Jen Oldland set her heart on a derelict farm in Somerset. Nothing could prepare the family for what lay in wait. In an explosion of colour and magic, the valley below erupted into
Glastonbury Festival.

Exploring the site with Michael Eavis, Jen fell in love with the festival's energy and laid-back atmosphere. Sat overlooking it all from her home’s unique vantage point, she realised she had to share this experience with others.

Camp Kerala was born. Fifty bespoke Shikar tents from the Maharajah of Jodhpur swiftly became a hundred. Each year new twists and features are added, adding to the recipe that makes Camp Kerala what it is.

Just like the family ethos it was built on, it is very much a family business. Jen's three children have shared in its growth, leading it to far-flung corners of the globe as the Camp Kerala way of doing things has been sprinkled over other leading events. It is, and has always been, about elevating the experience of these events, creating a home from home where guests can enjoy a unique form of luxury and fun.